Monday, November 15, 2010

Coming soon....

More pictures! That's right, we just got the disc of the many, many beautiful pictures from Vanessa and are going to figure out a way to make them accessible to everyone as soon as possible. There are so many great pictures off us, our friends and our families and we cannot wait to share them all with you!

The O'Sheas

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Hello friends and family!
As most of you know - the wedding was beautiful and everyone had a wonderful time! For those of you that couldn't make it, hopefully you have been able to follow our every move on Facebook and know that everything was as perfect as we could have ever hoped for an married life has been treating us wonderfully.
We thank you to everyone who was able to be there - in person or in spirit - and to the gang of people that made it all possible - our families, our friends, Church, St. Thomas Aquinas, the Westin, the Liberty, Gretta Cole Salon, Mary and Tux, the list goes on and on like an Oscar speech!
We do not yet have the professional photos, but to tide you all over, here is a link to the Facebook album we put together from all our of friend's pictures! Enjoy!
Lots of love,
Stefanie and Matthew O'Shea

Monday, August 23, 2010

Less than three weeks to go!

And like the former cub and girl scouts we are - we are prepared! These next few weeks are just a lot of little things and last minute details - the big things are done and we are both so ready to be married. Friday I picked up my dress and Matty's suit, both perfectly altered thanks to Richard at Bostonian Tailor. I spent the weekend getting everything we need for our honeymoon (sunscreen and flip flops!) and this upcoming weekend is Matty's bachelor party. I was lucky enough to be feted by my ladies with a spa day/dinner/girl's night out last weekend, complete with silly party favors and dancing, and this weekend Nina and I are NYC bound for one last single girl hoorah, to be spent window shopping on 5th Avenue and attempting to rub elbows at the celeb nightspots. After that, we have one weekend left until the wedding weekend! Then it is all appointments and family and love!! We cannot wait to share this super special day with everyone, whether in person or in spirit, and we thank everyone for all of their love and support and offers to help with preparations!

The soon-to-be Mrs. O'Shea

Saturday, July 10, 2010

And Then There Were Two...Months!!

We are so, totally, absolutely in the home stretch! The invitations are here and ready to be labeled and stamped, the places are all booked, the honeymoon is (almost) all booked, the Dj is paid, we have our wedding rings, the menu is being built and...drum roll please...I have a dress! I am keeping it traditional and therefore a total secret from Matty, but I will tell you it is absolutely gorgeous. I feel like the most beautiful dame in the world in it and I get to put it on and walk down the aisle in two months!!!
My Mommy came out last month and spent a week running around Boston (and the 'burbs, and New Hampshire) with me getting appointments made, buying dresses (we got hers too!), reading flower books and getting centerpiece materials together. She also got to be present for my bridal shower, which was beyond beautiful and so much fun. Emily and my ladies went all out for me and hosted an amazing brunch at The Fireplace. The food was incredible and the details were totally me, right down to the Fleur de Lis wine stoppers. I got a serious grip of wonderful gifts and got to spend some quality time with all the women who help me be the woman I am. It was amazing.
Now we are just getting the last details taken care of: we need a few more rocks for the centerpieces, we have to get the music list to DJ Brian, both my dress and Matty's suit are at the tailor, and I have spent the past hour pouring over Disney World books planning our honeymoon!
Aunt Jane was a major saint and gifted us her timeshare for our honeymoon, so we are spending three nights in Miami eating Cuban food and laying on the beach and then four nights in Orlando where we are going to hit up Disney, Epcot and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!!!
We are both getting really excited about our big day and we can't wait to share it with you!


Sunday, May 9, 2010

4 Months To Go!

It's almost here! We are getting so excited, and have been getting so much done!
Matty bought his suit today - and I must say, he looked ridiculously handsome in it - can't wait to see the whole package in September! We also found the perfect dress for me to wear in our engagement photo shoot (which is happening in one month!), and the dress will double as my bridal shower dress, because it is way too cute to only wear once!
The Save-the-Dates are in the mail, and a lot of our local friends have said they have already gotten them (we just put them in the mail Friday; way to go Postal Service!). Emily and I are going to Aria Dress on Friday to order the bridesmaids dresses, and there is one wedding dress I think I am going to try on while I am there (the first try-on!!!). My Mom will be here next month to help with flowers, centerpieces and dress and veil shopping! I can't wait to have her here to help us with the important details!
We created a Target registry today too! We are too good at this!
Looking forward to sharing these last few months with you all!

Lots of love from us!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Checking Things Off Our To-Do List

I just noticed that the last post was the one I published on September 12th - which is our official date!! Save the date!
Speaking of, Matty and I are ordering our Save the Date cards this week; we were going to pass on that since most people already know the date and have started planning, but since this is our wedding (!!!), I want to make sure we take advantage of all the fun parts of planning (ie. the cutest stationary company ever!). So friends, watch your mailboxes!
We are getting close to the six month countdown, and things are going smooth like nutella. We went up to New Hampshire a few weeks ago (our anniversary weekend) and picked out our wedding bands - they are so beautiful and the people that own the store were really helpful and not pushy at all. They are called Diamond Jewelers and are in the Rockingham Mall in Salem.
We have confirmed our Church and, well, Church (for our reception), and have our stationary picked out. I have spent all today while I am home sick picking out dress styles and my bridesmaids and I are going to try things on around my birthday (when prices are nice, and so is the weather!). Matty has been looking at suits and ties and is going to take advantage of Memorial Day sales and hopefully snag one up. And both of us have been hitting the gym and making sure we are going to be ever so fit for our big day!
The big things that are left are finding the perfect cupcakes (which may increase our time at the gym, a sacrifice I am willing to make), meeting with our DJ to pick out the music, and getting our engagement photos taken! Then to odds and ends like flowers, centerpieces, and honeymoon booking!!! All in all, it's been so smooth but also so much fun, for both of us. We get to plan a celebration all about our love - that's the most fun ever!!
Oh, and the picture above - it's us heading out to our two year anniversary dinner at the Top of the Hub after spending the weekend shopping for our wedding bands and celebrating a year of being engaged!!
Looking forward to sharing everything with you all!


Saturday, September 12, 2009

We have a Registry!

Today we went to Crate & Barrel and started our registry! We had so much fun planning out our dinner table and thinking about plates and flatware and dinner parties. We walked around scanning things and playing with glasses and bowls and gadgets - like kids in a candy store - for a good 2 hours! It was really fun and we're so excited that we only have about a year to go before our big day.
The best part came when we typed in who to send things to after the wedding and Matty typed in Stefanie M. O'Shea - it looks so beautiful! I can't wait!
After ward we celebrated by going to Sel de la Terre and discussing our future dinner table over oysters and little necks and ceviche, all of which would have looked fabulous on our fabulous plates! We also talked about our other registry that we have yet to create, at Target, and how we are definitely going to ask for some board games to compliment the awesome dinner parties we are going to be throwing!
I am also looking forward to the engagement party that Emily is throwing us next weekend, marking year to the day before we become husband and wife!
It's getting close and we can't wait to share our love with you all!